5 Questions to ask a Potential Assisted Living Facility

5 Questions to ask a Potential Assisted Living FacilityThe question of when it’s time to move into a senior care facility is something that a lot of individuals may find themselves struggling with. There is no clear cut answer of when it is appropriate to move into this next phase of life and assistance. That being said, there are some vital signs an individual goes through during the aging process that shows it might be time to move them into senior housing. In a general sense, an individual might benefit from being moved into senior housing when it becomes difficult for the individual to take care of themselves and continue with day to day activities of life without considerable help from others around them. This is vital that they are in a care center so that they can get all the help they need.

Elderly individuals typically experience loss of vision. This is a hardship for elderly individuals wanting to continue living on their own. Not only can they have trouble reading, they could have trouble navigating around their home on their own and even be impaired enough to have to cease driving.

Next, a lot of time elderly individuals experience poor balance and are at a greater risk of falling. When elderly people fall it can cause concern because they may not be able to get back up on their own, or perhaps significantly harm themselves during the fall.

Another medical condition elderly individuals face is memory loss. This is my mind is one of the scarier things we face when we age. Sometimes individuals may forget to turn off the oven or store which can cause serious problems. On a smaller scale, a person might forget when to take their medications which can negatively affect their quality of life.

Now that you understand some signs which could point to the benefit of moving into an assisted living facility, there are some considerations you should take when choosing the right home for your loved one. First, you will want to understand how clean the facility is. Ask how often housekeeping is used to clean common areas in addition to individual living quarters. Second, ask what sorts of activities are provided for their residents. Often places will have weekly activities such as game night, movie night or dances. You want to be sure that your loved one can still be social. Third, make sure you understand the staffing situation. How many staff are on hand compared to the number of residents and watch how the staff interact with the residents. Are they respectful and helpful, or do they overall seem bothered. Fourth, ask about the food accommodations. Is the dining room kept well, and what types of meals are served. Is your loved one going to like the food and get enough to eat? Lastly, make sure to ask about safety and security measures the facility takes. Do they have a security guard? Are they prepared to handle the needs of all their residents in the event of a disaster? Moving a loved one into an assisted living home can be hard, so you want to make sure and do your homework to know you are leaving your loved one in the best possible hands.