Bed Types that Help Back Pain

Bed Types that Help Back PainThere are a lot of ideas and opinions about which brand of mattress is best for people with back problems. Although brand is somewhat important, it’s the type of mattress in which you use that helps the most. Some brands and types go hand in hand, but if you have the type of mattress you need, you are likely to find a bed within your budget.

It must be said before anything else that not all “back pain reducing” beds work for everyone. If you are in the market for a bed, I would suggest going out and trying them. See what makes you feel good, and where the pressure of the mattress lies.

That being said, in general, what helps someone with back problems the most is the support of the mattress. Where does it lie and how does it feel. Most medical professionals will agree that a medium firm mattress of any brand is the best for aching backs. Your regular, run of the mill spring mattress is definitely not a mattress for back aches, even for people without back issues.

Look for something with foam around the springs, or foam and springs that is medium firm.

Foam mattresses are also good, they are firm and they support your back and body. Almost as though it is cradling your body. The best thing about foam mattresses are that they spring back to their original shapes so that there are no problems with dips and worn spots where you typically lay. With Foam remember that the thicker the foam, the more support, which is a bigger investment.Also, a foam mattresses do not need a box spring, and can be used on adjustable beds.

Latex is also good for the back and tends to last longer and is more firm. Latex mattresses have individually wrapped springs as well as the comfort and positive aspects of the foam mattress.

The King of mattresses are those that have a combination of all these types of mattresses plus cooling gel foam that feels good on the back and has an air flow system. They also last twice as long as the regular foam mattress.

These are a couple of the types of mattresses that are best used for people with back pain. All of the types of beds that have been mentioned above can be seen in Burlington Beds. They have good quality, good prices, financing and clearance. This is the perfect place to get a mattress without adding a headache to your back ache. Please remember that the position in with you sleep is also a contributing factor to back aches, so make sure when you try your mattress, you do so in the position in which you sleep.