Ed Asner’s 1st Hand Experiences with Autism

The Ed Asner & Friends Poker Tournament is just around the corner coming up on Sept. 9th, 2017 at the Haworth Showroom in DTLA.  It is shaping up to be a doozy.  Why? It could be the growing list of celebrity guests.  Confirmed so far are Dylan McDermott, Lou Diamond Philips, Rosie O’Donnell, Eric Roberts, […]

Trinity Exteriors, Inc Named 2017 Finalist for BBB Torch Award For Ethics

Eden Prairie, MN — Restoration contractor Trinity Exteriors, Inc has been named a 2017 Finalist for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) presents Torch Awards for Ethics each year to for-profit companies owned or operated in Minnesota and North Dakota that display integrity in all aspects of their operations. Nominees […]

‘President Trump, May I ask you a question’ is the Must Read Book for 2017 where “We the People” question the president.

President Donald J. Trump has demonstrated over and over how far he is willing to go to control the narrative around the performance of his presidency and administration for consumption by the American people.  Take this journey with the American people through this first ever of its kind book of questions with over 100 thought […]

Say Hello To The Ultimate Multi-Functional Sterilizing Toothbrush Station

The design team at Puretta Technology Co., LTD is excited to share the news of their official release of the Puretta Multifunctional Toothbrush Station. Bathrooms are a scary place to keep your toothbrush, even though that’s where everyone is prone to keep them. Every day our toothbrushes are exposed to invisible germs and bacteria that […]

Green Power Partners Co-Sponsors Youth Mentoring Forum

Lake Forest, California – July 31, 2017 – Green Power Partners is pleased to co-sponsor the “Youth Mentoring Forum”, taking place at the University of Southern California (USC) college campus in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, August 3rd. The event, co-founded by established motivational speaker and author, Henning Morales and co-produced by Professor Alejandro Ruiz, […]

Dais Analytic Corporation Featured on PBS

PBS’s Quest Program Highlights Dais’s Products, Technologies and Their Environmental Impact ODESSA, FL–(Marketwired – June 18,  2017) – Dais Analytic Corporation (OTCQB: DLYT), a commercial nanotechnology materials business selling its industry-changing nanomaterial technology into the worldwide water, air and energy markets, announced today that the Company and its key products were recently featured in a […]

TITAN foundation accepts engangement to raise $9 billion for Latin America.

The TITAN foundation for sustainable growth announced today that has accepted an engagement to raise USD $9 billion in investments for Latin America countries.  The main areas of investment are mining, renewable energies, agriculture and health as part of a 10 years development plan. The investments will be backed up by local regional tangible assets, […]

Air vs Sea: Is there a modal shift in cold chain logistics?

  There are numerous reports of cargo switching to ocean freight from air cargo, including certain pharmaceutical products, flowers and fruit. Overall the global cold chain market remains highly competitive and fragmented. Innovations in big data and the Internet of Things could transform asset utilisation and the protection of sensitive cargo across the supply chains. […]

The Growing Role of Chatbots in Healthcare

They are not doctors (yet), but well-trained bots can get patients to engage more in their care, helping to close the $300 billion ‘adherence gap’ in taking pills and following orders, say experts at Earley Information Science roundtable No one would confuse them with young interns or seasoned surgeons, but chatbots are becoming the newest […]

“AFFIRMATIVE ACTION UNDER TRUMP– WHERE CAN IT GO?” ask former White House spokesman Robert Weiner and policy analyst Paula Hong.

(Washington, DC)–Minorities should remain hopeful under the Trump administration, but mist overcome serious obstacles, argue Robert Weiner and Paula Hong in an op-ed just released in the Michigan Chronicle, named twelve times as the #1 African-American newspaper in America. . Weiner and Hong begin, “Few remember but in December 2015, presidential candidate Donald Trump called […]