This content is more or less a disclaimer. This information is in no way meant to dissuade any of you from investing in and using health supplements. This information is meant to keep you up-to-date and knowledgeable about what you are getting into. Anytime you try a health supplement, you need to be aware of […]

Getting Sober

Getting sober is a decision that many people make after experiencing how much harm alcohol and drugs can do. The process of getting sober is not easy. It is also different for every person. Many people are still able to get sober and stay sober for decades with the right help. Getting sober involves taking […]

Non Traditional Ways to Deal with Pain

Something that we are humans aren’t immune from during life is pain. This pain could be the result of an accident, health complications, or simply the fact that our bodies age over time and things become harder than they used to be. Typically we feel pain because there is an imbalance of sorts within our […]

Bed Types that Help Back Pain

There are a lot of ideas and opinions about which brand of mattress is best for people with back problems. Although brand is somewhat important, it’s the type of mattress in which you use that helps the most. Some brands and types go hand in hand, but if you have the type of mattress you […]

Fixing Dry Eyes

We all know the experience of having dry eyes. Sometimes the feeling gets so uncomfortable, it almost feels like someone is scratching the surface of the eyelid. There are several things that can cause one’s eyes to become uncomfortably dry, and most of these things revolve around the inability for the eyes to produce tears. […]

5 Steps for Overcoming Drugs

As the moral character of the world diminishes more and more every day we see the increase emergence of drug related problems in society. If you are addicted to drugs, the best thing you can do is admit that you have a problem and that you need help. Get into a program as quickly as […]

Improving Your Vision at Night

Poor night vision is the effect of changes in the pupil, lens and retina. Different methods used for night vision improvement may not work out well for everyone; however, there are techniques that are doable. Eye exams are recommended as one may have slight astigmatism which makes it harder for eyes to adapt to darkness. […]

Finding Help at Rock Bottom

It is not easy to deal with a friend or close family member who has an addiction problem. It can drain you physically, mentally and financially. There are instances where the addicted member goes into a relapse thus wasting all the time and resources spent on rehabilitation. Granted, going into rehab is not always cheap. […]

Don’t Let Stress Overrun Your Body Causing an Imbalance

If you are anything like me, you are constantly stressed and looking for effective ways to reduce it from your life. Given the society in which we live, we are extremely susceptible to stress since it is a sign that our bodies are out of balance. So how we can reduce stress and therefore help […]

Movie Star Makeover Ideas

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us want to change our looks in some fashion. We see beautiful movie stars all the time on television and in the movies and we long to look more like them with their perfect skin and seemingly ageless beauty. I know I would love to […]