Getting Rid Of Back Pain

Back pain is one of those conditions that the majority of us will experience at some point of time in our lives. This however is not a comforting fact at all, and all those who have experienced this irritating pain can witness about the inconvenience and suffering it can inflict. There are many causes for […]

Improving Your Smile with the Help of a Barre Dentist

There may come a point in time when you will want to ensure that you get your smile improved either because your teeth are crooked, or because you have not received proper oral care over time that your teeth are beginning to show signs of that. If you are interested in improving your smile, you […]

Proper Flossing Techniques

Your dentist knows you know. Everyone knows you know. More importantly you know that you know. You should have flossed last night before bed. Dentists at agree that you should floss every single day. It’s okay. Many people didn’t either. We as an American Society can learn to do better in the flossing department. […]

What Causes Dry Eyes?

You don’t know how aggravating it can be until you have experienced it firsthand. Dry eyes can be one of the most uncomfortable things you’ve ever experienced. It starts with an uncomfortable tingle and quickly moves to a burning sensation in the eye. You blink, and blink, and blink and nothing works. There are many […]

Help for Taking Better Care of Yourself

I’m sure that everyone would agree with me that taking care of yourself is vitally important. That being said there are a few different areas in which we need to take care of ourself. The first is to take care of our physical self. Exercise is such an important piece of a healthy and balanced […]

Is Your Kid Suffering From an Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction is a tough thing that unfortunately a lot of teenagers in today’s world face. I have the unique experience of working at a residential treatment center and get to see this first hand on a daily basis. It is sad to see how troubled some teens are because of the messes they have gotten […]

Things to Know About Medical Devices

If you are anything like me you don’t know much about the technicalities of medical devices. I know there are things which aid in medical treatment, but that’s about as far as my knowledge on the subject goes. I trust that my doctor and others who are part of my health plan know their stuff […]

Where to Turn With Heart Issues

In memory of our 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson, the topic of heart disease is an appropriate battle to write about today. On January 22, 1973 Lyndon B. Johnson suffered a severe and fatal heart attack. His death brought the issue of heart disease to the forefront due to widespread news coverage. The seriousness of […]

Fixing an Aching Back

Five percent of Americans are chronic back pain sufferers. A staggering two-thirds of all Americans will experience some form of severe back pain in their lifetime. The causes are numerous and range from bad posture to heavy lifting. There are a number of treatments floating around on the internet. Which ones actually work? We’ve compiled […]

Getting Rid of Headaches

When you have a headache, you probably don’t want to do anything except try to sleep it off. There are times when you can take a nap and your headache will go away. However, if your headache is severe, there are some things that you can try at home that will help. Medication One of […]