Non Traditional Ways to Deal with Pain

Something that we are humans aren’t immune from during life is pain. This pain could be the result of an accident, health complications, or simply the fact that our bodies age over time and things become harder than they used to be. Typically we feel pain because there is an imbalance of sorts within our […]

Spas Just Aren’t for Girls

We all like to be pampered at least most of us do anyway, so when the opportunity to get a massage presents itself the likelihood is that we will accept it. A week full of stress from the kids can translate into a body that continues to remind us that we really need to take […]

Starting a Food Storage Collection

There are as many reasons for starting a food storage collection as there are ways to do it. Some people begin their collection to help insure against hunger during economic hardship while others are more concerned with disaster preparedness. There are others who stock ahead simply to take advantage of bargains and sale prices. Whatever […]