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Oulu, Finland 24th November 2015, – In collaboration with Novozymes (Denmark), Paras Biopharmaceuticals (Finland) has announced that the partnership will use the successful VELTIS® technology to develop an improved version of a leading osteoporosis treatment.

Paras Biopharmaceuticals has teamed up with Novozymes to generate a ‘once-a-week’ biobetter of Teriparatide, a leading treatment for a debilitating bone disease largely affecting women over the age of 50. Osteoporosis is a major public health threat for an estimated 200 million women worldwide by weakening bones and increasing the risk of sudden and unexpected fractures. One in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis in their lifetime.

Paras Biopharmaceuticals has developed a highly efficient production technology platform for the biosimilar of Recombinant Teriparatide (Forteo Biosimilar). Extending the release of the base molecule (to once-a-week) by incorporating Novozymes’ VELTIS technology will offer new solutions. Already well-established in the fields of diabetes, hemophilia and neutropenia, the VELTIS platform is able to provide once-weekly, once bi-weekly or once-monthly peptide or protein dosing. As a result, VELTIS offers the potential for enhanced patient adherence and improved therapeutic impact.

 “Collective strengths of Paras Biopharmaceuticals’ and Novozymes’ technical expertise will bring solutions and treatment options for further convenience of osteoporosis patients” says Dr Hans Söderlund, Director of Global Strategic Alliance at Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy. “Novozymes’ VELTIS technology and Paras Biopharmaceuticals’ Diabrid NobleCleav technology will create a superior osteoporosis medicine” adds Dr Ashesh Kumar, Director of Biologics and Licensing at Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy.

“This is further market validation of the Novozymes Biopharma’s VELTIS technology”, says Svend Licht, Director, Novozymes Biopharma. “The versatile capabilities of our solution are being continually demonstrated by our customers. We are happy to enable the development of this biobetter, this in addition to running numerous collaborations in life cycle management and new drug candidates”.


About Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy 


Based in Oulu, Finland, Paras Biopharmaceuticals is an award winning, privately-held Finnish company focused on developing biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies for biosimilars and long therapeutic peptides. The company’s facilities (European GMP US-FDA compliant) in Finland are dedicated to the development, scale-up and GMP production of recombinant products for osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorders (diabetes) and oncology, in addition to high value recombinant enzymes such as Enterokinase (and other enzymes in pipeline). Paras Biopharmaceuticals has successfully developed its Diabrid Technology Platform (Diabrid® Technology, NobleCleav® Technolgy and Biomultifold® Microbial High Expression Technolgy) for the high level expression of biosimilars in specially designed genetically stable clones.




About Novozymes

Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with customers, partners and the global community, its aim is to improve industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping build better lives. As the world’s largest provider of enzyme and microbial technologies, its bioinnovation enables higher agricultural yields, low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production, renewable fuel and many other benefits that we rely on today and in the future. We call it Rethink Tomorrow. 





VELTIS is a clinically-proven technology based on engineered albumins delivered to allow the drug developer to optimize dose size and frequency to achieve stricter patient adherence (compliance) for improved therapeutic impact by targeting once weekly, once bi-weekly, or once monthly dosing.

VELTIS is delivered by Novozymes Biopharma and is provided with access to Novzymes extensive technical and regulatory support as well as to partner providers. The technology is well-established in the fields of diabetes, haemophilia and neutropenia by Novozymes’ customers.

Today, Novozymes Biopharma is working together with a number of pharma companies who are exploring the possibilities of VELTIS as a platform for half-life extension. These companies include CSL, EpiVaX while GlaxoSmithKline is using VELTIS in a marketed drug for treatment of diabetes.


Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy www.parasbiopharma.com

Oulu, Finland   

Dr Mark Jackson – mark.jackson@parasbiopharma.com

+358 442905993

Kiviharjunlenkki 2, Oulu, FI-90220, Finland

Maxine <![CDATA[As Air Pollution Rises Globally, Blueair Calls For Greater Public Awareness Of Symptoms Of Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Now World’s 4th Largest Killer]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=511 2015-11-18T14:24:22Z 2015-11-18T14:24:21Z Stockholm, November, 18, 2015 –– Blueair, a world leader in health enhancing mobile indoor air purification technologies, today issued a call for greater public awareness about the causes and alleviation of chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD), which kills over 3 million people every year. WHO says 600 million people worldwide today have chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD), which will be the third leading cause of death by 2030 after heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

“Known also as emphysema or chronic bronchitis, COPD is a preventable disease of the lungs caused by exposure to tobacco smoke as well as dust and airborne chemicals,” said Bengt Rittri, founder and CEO of Blueair, a Swedish company that sells life-transforming indoor air purifiers in 64 countries globally.

Mr. Rittri said there is an urgent need for the public to be made more aware that COPD is a global epidemic caused by many more factors than smoking cigarettes. He noted that while COPD is not curable, WHO says it is preventable by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution such as dust, smoke, fumes, air freshener sprays, and household cleaning products.

“Humans on average take around 960 breaths an hour, which means we breathe in something like 10,000 liters of air – and all the nasty stuff in it – each day,” Mr. Rittri said. “Even worse, airborne pollution impacts children more than adults because their young lungs are still developing.”

Speaking at Blueair’s Stockholm head office, Mr. Rittri urged people to take greater individual responsibility for the indoor air they and those around them breathe.

“There is not much we can do as individuals about the air pollution in our cities. But we can take simple steps to alleviate the potential consequences of indoor airborne pollution such as COPD by simply installing an air purifier, like those made by Blueair, which can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles such as smoke, dust, chemicals and fumes,” Mr. Rittri said.    



– It is now recognized that 10-20% of COPD patients have never smoked! Furthermore, only a fraction of smokers develop COPD, suggesting that both genetic and environmental factors influence the risk of developing COPD.

– COPD death rates for women have risen steadily. Today, more women than men die from COPD each year.

– Approximately 12 million adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with COPD, and 120,000 die from it each year. An additional 12 million adults in the U.S. are thought to have undiagnosed COPD.

– WHO says mortality due to COPD in the Southeast Asia region is expected to grow by 160% to 2020, totaling more than the combined numbers of deaths due to malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

– In India, approximately 30 million people are estimated to have COPD and half a million die every year from it, according to medindia.com.

– In China, WHO says chronic respiratory diseases are the second leading cause of death

– In Europe 4-10% of adults have COPD.

– Total COPD related expenses for outpatient care (= not in hospital) in the EU is approximately € 4,7 billion per year

(sources: various, including U.S. National, Heart, Lung & Blood Institute: http://report.nih.gov/nihfactsheets/ViewFactSheet.aspx?csid=77)


For more information, please contact:

David Noble, Blueair International PR Manager

E: david.noble@blueair.se

T: +44 7785 302 694

About Blueair
Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Blueair delivers home and office users clean indoor air for enhanced health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier. Thanks to its high-performance tech­nology, energy economy, and eco-friendly design, a Blueair air purifier works efficiently and silently to remove 99.97% of allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants. www.blueair.com

Maxine <![CDATA[Alcoholism stigma book earns USA Best Books Awards Finalist honors]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=507 2015-11-18T13:46:40Z 2015-11-18T13:46:39Z Burlington, Wis., November 18, 2015 The stigma of alcoholism is what keeps many alcoholics from seeking help for their disease. Adding Fire to the Fuel, the third recovery-oriented book by award-winning author Scott Stevens, captures the controversial topic in readable fashion. Stevens debuted the book June 13 at Book Passage on San Francisco’s Embarcadero as part of the REEL Recovery Film Festival. USA Book News has honored the book as a Finalist in its 2015 Best Books Awards, Health: Addiction & Recovery category. It’s Stevens second recognition from USA Book News. His relapse recovery book, Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, was honored as a 2012 Finalist.

Much of what is known about the disease of alcoholism connects it to flaws in genes which control metabolism of alcohol as well as the brain’s risk/reward biochemistry. “It’s a disease. Same kind of chronic, progressive, incurable-but-treatable, primary and fatal classification as cancer or diabetes. When we handle people with those other diseases with empathy, love and casseroles, but dish out distaste to alcoholics or recovering ones, we create a social and economic problem that’s passed its tipping point.”

The new book, available at all retailers following the California launch, looks at the stigma around alcoholism and alcoholism recovery as a $250 billion annual problem hiding in plain sight. “The story of alcohol and America’s affair with it keeps it from being recognized as the problem. Instead, people with the disease of alcoholism are considered the problem. ‘Alcoholic’ is a pejorative today. That’s ripe for change,” says the author.

The third-leading cause of preventable death and illness stays under the radar because of good advertising and bad stigma, according to Stevens. “Its purveyors are proclaimed as charitable kings. Those who use it and discover alcohol has health and social consequences, are labeled as villains, kill-joys, weak, weird, or morally off. What that stigma does to keep people from getting help also keeps the discussion of what alcohol does to you behind the wishful-thinking-driven chatter about what it does for you. The tipping point has passed. The status quo: No longer sustainable or acceptable.”


Adding Fire to the Fuel examines:

How families and communities feed public and self-stigma even while the stigma holds them back;

How stigma has become a barrier to many who want help;

How to hang on to sobriety in a pro-alcohol world;

And how PANonymous alcoholics will reduce stigma more than all the protests combined.





Stevens is on the leadership team of luxury addiction care provider, The Manor. The noted journalist on alcoholism also is a founding influencer of the world’s largest medical portal, HealthTap.com. His books on the disease include 2010’s What the Early Worm Gets and 2012’s Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, which earned finalist honors in the Indie Book Awards and USA Best Books Awards in 2013. For more information on the new book, please visit www.alcohologist.com.


Maxine <![CDATA[RX SAFES ANNOUNCES PATENT ACQUISITION]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=495 2015-11-16T13:35:33Z 2015-11-16T13:35:32Z Company Strengthens Intellectual Property Protection for Rx SafeDOSE

Henderson, N.V (November 16, 2015): Rx Safes, Inc. (OTC: RXSFD), the developer of patented autonomous fingerprint healthcare security products announced today that it has acquired another patent that further expands the company’s intellectual property portfolio, protecting it’s Rx SafeDOSE, Patient Controlled Analgesia pendant.

The patent inventor, Phillip Jurson, MD., a nationally renowned anesthesiologist and pain management physician, was awarded patent number 7,806,852 – method and apparatus for patient-controlled medical therapeutics utilizing biometrics in a patient controlled administration of pain medications, with a priority date in April 2006. This patent strengthens the company’s intellectual property surrounding it’s Rx SafeDOSE product. The patent also includes claims that cover additional control features on the pendant, which will provide an even greater level of safety for patients and allow Rx Safes the ability to corner the market for the secure patient administration of medications.


In developing this patent, it was my intention to solve the critical problem of PCA by Proxy”, indicated patent inventor, Phillip Jurson, M.D. “ I am extremely encouraged that through my relationship with Rx Safes, this issue can finally be addressed in a practical manner”, added Dr. Jurson.


We are putting infusion pump manufacturers such as Hospira, Baxter, Abbott and Smiths Medical on notice that we have already developed and proven the next generation of universal PCA pendant controllers, to provide improved security and patient safety when used in conjunction with each of their respective infusion pumps in a PCA setting,” commented Lorraine Yarde, CEO of Rx Safes, Inc.


There are in excess of 600,000 PCA Pendants in use in hospitals throughout the US alone, and this does not consider usage in the home or in assisted living/nursing facilities. These devices have a short operating lifespan and are typically replaced every 10 to 14 months. “This is a multi-billion dollar market and what makes our position even stronger is that we have a product ready for FDA approval, that is protected by two extremely valuable patents. There have been no improvements to infusion pump pendants in decades and we view this as a key entry point because the Rx SafeDOSE uses fingerprint technology to authenticate an authorized user before medication is administered. In order for the leading pump manufacturers to utilize this technology they will be forced to look to us for the solution and we are ready and willing to open discussions”, Ms. Yarde added.


The company continues to build the value of its patent portfolio in the area of medical devices incorporating our fingerprint technology. Through developing and acquiring product specific intellectual property, we strengthen our ability to protect our innovative products from competition as we continue to establish Rx Safes™ as the trusted brand in biometric products for healthcare”.



About Rx Safes, Inc.


Rx Safes is an emerging leader in the personal and professional healthcare drug security market. Our products incorporate proprietary patented fingerprint technology to provide drug security solutions for use in homes and healthcare facilities. Prescription drug misuse, skyrocketing insurance and pharmaceutical treatment costs and increased regulatory pressures create an unfortunate, yet necessary opportunity for Rx Safes to expand our reach and offerings in this growing market, valued at over $50 billion annually. Annual spending on healthcare technology products exceeds $34.5 billion. In addition, the market is being driven by ongoing Government support for successful drug abuse prevention initiatives, with a financial commitment of $25.4 billion in 2015 alone. For more information, please visit www.rxdrugsafe.com


Forward-Looking Statements for RXSF:

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements reflect management’s current expectations, as of the date of this press release, and involve certain risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements include statements herein with respect to the successful execution of the Company’s business strategy. The Company’s actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of various factors. Such risks and uncertainties include, among other things, our ability to establish and maintain the proprietary nature of our technology through the patent process, as well as our ability to possibly license from others patents and patent applications necessary to develop products; the availability of financing; the Company’s ability to implement its long range business plan for various applications of its technology; the Company’s ability to enter into agreements with any necessary marketing and/or distribution partners; the impact of competition, the obtaining and maintenance of any necessary regulatory clearances applicable to applications of the Company’s technology; and management of growth and other risks and uncertainties that may be detailed from time to time in the Company’s reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Investor Relations Contact:


Email: IR@RxSafes.com
Telephone: 1-844-RXSAFES Ext 4



Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rx.drugsafe

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RxDrugSAFE


Maxine <![CDATA[Gallagher unleashes a new generation of possibilities]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=461 2015-11-03T14:09:12Z 2015-11-03T14:09:09Z Leading security technology manufacturer, Gallagher, has today released their latest products and updates to the global security market. The release includes Command Centre v7.40, an update to the company’s renowned security management platform, the all new Mobile Reader, and the F3 Series Fence Controllers

The new generation of products are designed to enhance the customer experience by improving organizational efficiency, automating manual interactions and streamlining processes such as visitor management and perimeter alarms management.

“We have taken our mobile solution a step further by enabling guards to be more mobile while maintaining complete visibility over a site. Creating value for our customers is core to what we do here at Gallagher and our latest releases again deliver on this promise.” says, Steve Bell, Chief Technology Officer – Security. 

“The new series of fence controllers again shows our commitment and investment to the innovation we incorporate into all aspects of our product development. From the technology and functionality through to the aesthetics, our customers know they are receiving a product that has had every aspect carefully crafted.” Says Bell.

Further details about Gallagher’s latest products:

Command Centre v7.40 boasts features designed to improve operational efficiency while enhancing the user experience. The introduction of a barcode scanner integration for the Gallagher Visitor Management Client and Kiosk significantly speeds up the entry and exit process for visitors to site. Other enhancements to the Visitor Management suite include customizable branding on the kiosk, and further automation of host interactions saving the host time. Gallagher’s T20 Card +PIN Terminals will also receive a software upgrade with the release of v7.40 enabling the management of perimeter alarms as well the ability to perform overrides and conduct maintenance and repairs on the fence line.

Gallagher’s new Mobile Reader extends security across your site and beyond the door by giving guards the freedom to search cardholder’s details and access privileges without returning to a workstation. The Gallagher Mobile Reader is designed to work with all the latest Apple devices operating on iOS 8 or iOS 9.

The F3 Series Fence Controllers deliver high-performance electric fence management suited to any environment and are available with stand-alone and networked capabilities. The flexibility of the design allows the controllers to be installed in either portrait or landscape orientations while the visibility offered by the LED icon panel on the front of the controller allows technicians to quickly and easily identify the cause of an alarm, check the fence status and view voltage output. The addition of a Magnetic Key (included with each controller) allows operators to perform common functions simply such as clearing historic alarms.  



For more information, please contact:

Anna Greenhill

Global Marketing Manager, Gallagher

Tel: +64 21 814 092


About Gallagher

A technology leader in integrated access control, intruder alarms management and perimeter protection, Gallagher’s security solutions are in use with national and local government, military, commercial, industrial, healthcare, transportation and academic organisations in more than 100 countries. A truly global operation, Gallagher provides proven protection to customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australasia and South East Asia.

Gallagher’s comprehensive security and business risk management solutions provide protection for large and small organizations throughout the world, addressing the key issues of security and risk management, personnel workflow and business continuity.

Visit security.gallagher.com for more information

Maxine <![CDATA[Follett Receives Gold Zero Waste Facility Certification from the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=438 2015-10-28T14:49:17Z 2015-10-28T14:49:17Z FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Media Contact:

Elio DiStaola


Follett Receives Gold Zero Waste Facility Certification from the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council

Aurora Distribution Center diverts 97.5 percent of waste with robust recycle and reuse programs

WESTCHESTER, Ill., October 28, 2015 –
As the higher education community gathers for the 2015 AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) Conference, Follett is proud to announce a major sustainability milestone for its Aurora Distribution Center (ADC) in Aurora, Ill. The facility, which supports its higher education business, has been awarded the Gold Zero Waste facility certification by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC). Striving to achieve the 100 percent diversion standards set by the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), Follett’s ADC team has been deferring approximately 97.5 percent of its waste.

 Diversion refers to redirecting end-use materials from landfill, incineration and the environment. USZWBC audited the Zero Waste diversion processes at Follett’s ADC and found that the facility is recycling, reusing and repurposing at an exceptional rate.

 “Follett’s recognition for Excellence in Zero Waste shows our customers and our team members that minimizing our footprint is a top priority for Follett – just as it is for many of today’s students in the schools we serve,” said Don Germano, president of Follett Higher Education Group.

 “In 2015, we launched our college and university technical committee. It’s great to see Follett is a vendor leading the way to Zero Waste,” said Stephanie Barger, founder and executive director of the USZWBC.

 This recognition follows several other notable sustainability achievements at Follett’s ADC, including:

  • An exemplary score in the Construction Waste Management category of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certification in 2012
  • Energy Star Certification in 2013
  • The milestone achievement of five million pounds of deferred waste in March 2015

 To learn more about Follett and its social responsibility initiatives, visit www.follett.com/community.


About Follett Corporation | Follett.com

For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted partner to pre-K and K-12 schools, districts, and college campuses, taking care of the critical details that make it easier for schools to run, teachers to teach and students to learn. Every day, Follett serves over half of the students in the United States, and works with 70,000 schools as a leading provider of education technology, services and print and digital content. Follett is higher education’s largest campus retailer and a hub for school spirit and community, operating more than 1,200 local campus stores and 1,600 virtual stores across the continent. Headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, Follett is a $2.6 billion privately held company.

About the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC)

Launched in January of 2012 and headquartered in Corona Del Mar, Calif. the USZWBC’s mission is to educate, inform and document the performance of Zero Waste Businesses using scientific methods to help businesses and communities become more healthy and sustainable. USZWBC offers the only national Zero Waste Standards focused on upstream policies and processes, Zero Waste training through webinars and workshops and is the leader in creating a solid foundation that advances the integrity and credibility of Zero Waste. 

 About Zero Waste

According to the Zero Waste International Alliance (www.zwia.org), Zero Waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use. Zero Waste means designing and managing products and processes to systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, conserve and recover all resources, and not burn or bury them. Implementing Zero Waste will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health. 

Maxine <![CDATA[I did not belong to the basements of hospitals and wanted to do something for the larger good of public: Dr. Shamsheer]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=432 2015-10-26T14:14:18Z 2015-10-26T14:14:18Z Philadelphia: Speaking to students and faculty at The Wharton School, Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Managing Director of VPS Healthcare, said the future of healthcare will highly depend on technology and he expects a “complete role change in the coming years from the present situation to a future where there would be more public health experts educating people to live a healthier life.”

Dr. Shamsheer was at Wharton, one of the world’s top institutions for business education at the University of Pennsylvania. He also interviewed for the Wharton Business talk show on SiriusXM Radio, hosted by Dan Loney and Wharton Professor Michael Useem, who is also the Director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management at Wharton.

As a successful young entrepreneur, Dr. Shamsheer garnered immense interest and excitement amongst the students and faculty. The excitement prevailed throughout the session bringing out the best of Dr. Shamsheer and his successful journey to creating the fastest growing healthcare company in the Middle East.

There is a dream in each of us to be successful in whatever we do and there are very few who are blessed with the vision to reach the pinnacle of success in a short span of time. Dr. Shamsheer undoubtedly is one of them. He began his career as a Radiologist in one of Abu Dhabi’s leading hospitals, only to realize that he “didn’t belong to the basements of the hospital and wanted to something for the larger good of public.” With this zeal, he followed his heart and set up his first hospital in Abu Dhabi in 2007.

Like all startups, Dr. Shamsheer too faced challenges in setting up a business. Commenting about the strategy, Dr. Shamsheer says, “I strongly believe in the advice given to me from people who were with me during different phases of my entrepreneurial journey. I am living my dream of giving back to society by allowing my employees take decisions and giving them the freedom to fulfill their duties, which brings out the best in them.”

Within no time Dr. Shamsheer moved from practicing medicine to delivering medicine. It was not an easy task for him and his team. With a clear head and strong determination, Dr. Shamsheer, today heads VPS Healthcare, a billion-dollar healthcare company with over 7500 employees, 650 physicians and a yearly footfall of 2 million patients.

With so much going on around him, Dr. Shamsheer is always poised and confident and he owes this to his family. His daily routine includes calling his mother before starting his day. During his interaction with the upcoming generation of global business leaders at Wharton, he admitted that this gesture brings positive energy to his days and also suggested the students to practice the same.

Dr. Shamsheer also advised them to believe in themselves and to follow their heart, no matter what or who tries to pull you down.

Maxine <![CDATA[Local Businesses Team Up To Donate Truck to Boy Scout Troop 100]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=426 2015-10-26T12:36:34Z 2015-10-26T12:36:34Z Truck


Name: Barry Barbee – Tifton, Georgia

Email:  barry.barbee@doan.com             


Local Businesses Team Up To

Donate Truck to Boy Scout Troop 100


Recycled Rides Vehicle Unveiling Ceremony:

Tuesday, October 27 – 4:00 pm

Best Academy at Benjamin Cars

1890 Donald L. Hollowell, Atlanta, GA


ATLANTA, GA (Oct 27, 2015) –  Several local businesses and organizations have teamed up to donate a completely refurbished GMC Z71 truck to help provide more scouting opportunities for youth involved with Atlanta’s Boy Scout Troop 100, soon to be recognized as the largest troop in the world.


The truck donation is part of the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides ™ program in which members of the auto collision industry collaborate with local businesses to repair and donate vehicles to individuals and service organizations in need.


The Recycled Rides vehicle, a GMC Z71 was donated by State Farm Insurance and refurbished by Sports and Imports Collision Centers in Atlanta.  Other businesses contributing parts, materials and services include:  GetUsedParts.com, The Doan Group, Enterprise Rental Car, Hammer Insights, Mike Cassata, Morehouse College, Jonathon Dudley, LKQ, Signs Now, Kaufman Tire and 1-800Charity-Cars.


The GMC 271 truck will be presented to the Phoenix Leadership Foundation to support Boy Scout Troop 100 which serves more than 200 youths in the Atlanta area.


“We are grateful for this valuable gift of transportation to support our scouting program,” said James “Jay” Bailey, Co-Founder of the Phoenix Leadership Foundation. Our goal is to fund and develop programs that provide positive role models and create leaders.  “This truck will be tremendous resource for our scouting leaders as they interact with youths in local programs.”


Troop 100 gives its scouts the opportunity to see and experience a world full of adventure and possibility, while exposing these young men to some of the best possible role models and mentors.

“It’s important for us to give back to the communities in which we live and work,” said Barry Barbee – Sr. Director of Industry Relations at The Doan Group, and chair of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 100 Gifting Ceremony through the Phoenix Leadership Foundation. “I am proud and appreciative of the commitment and generosity of so many of my colleagues in the insurance and collision industries.” 

# # #

About the National Auto Body Council:

For 20 years, the National Auto Body Council and its members have been instrumental in helping to shape a positive image for today’s collision industry professionals. NABC members are recognized and acknowledged as responsible businesses that give back to the communities they serve.

Since the inception of Recycled Rides in 2007, NABC members have collaborated to repair and donate nearly 1,000 vehicles across the country.




About The Doan Group:

Founded by Ronald Doan in Buffalo, NY (1981), The Doan Group appraisal service has since expanded to service the entire U.S. The Doan Group’s success was built by its core principals of fairness and quality.  At Doan, our goal is to represent our clients with the highest professional standards.

We pride ourselves with partnering with best in industry strategic relationships, offering second to none claims technology platforms. Our offsite partners have state-of-the art, stable system to minimize the disruptions to your processes. Our data center is a carrier class facility with both our facility and the network carefully monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure constant application availability for our customers.

Our development team is comprised of professionals who have been recognized for leadership, innovation and are Six Sigma certified; this combination allows The Doan Group to “in house” develop leading edge technology for the insurance claims industry. We strive to deliver services and solutions that minimize waste and maximize workflow productivity.

Our appraisers are trained to utilize all current estimating systems and each appraisal is reviewed for accuracy and guideline adherence prior to submission. We strive to give the client the most accurate appraisal, documented with effective photos, in the quickest cycle time.

We invite you to give us an opportunity to earn your business. We feel confident you will see why our customers say, with Doan, “There is a difference.”



About Sports & Imports Collision:

Sports & Imports has been in business for more than 20 years and is Atlanta’s finest auto body repair center. Sports & Imports takes pride in a quality and safe repair for their customers. With a number of certifications, highly trained technicians and experienced staff you can rest assured they will repair your investment back to its pre-accident condition and guide you through the entire process.  They have been a member of NABC for many years and enjoy working with local business to give back to the community.


About State Farm Insurance:

The mission of State Farm is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. State Farm and its affiliates are the largest providers of autohome and individual life insurance in the United States. Its 18,000 agents and more than 65,000 employees serve more than 82 million policies and accounts – nearly 80 million auto, home, life, health and commercial policies, and nearly 2 million bank accounts. Commercial auto insurance, along with coverage for rentersbusiness ownersboats and motorcycles, is available. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is the parent of the State Farm family of companies. State Farm is ranked No. 41 on the 2015 Fortune 500 list of largest companies. For more information, please visit http://www.statefarm.com.


Maxine <![CDATA[AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, CONGRESS AND BUSINESS LEADERS, AND PARENTS THROUGHOUT AMERICA]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=415 2015-10-12T12:17:22Z 2015-10-12T12:17:22Z We at the Institute for Complexity Management (ICM) are watching in amazement as our national leadership falls so short in meeting the challenge of stopping the rise in school shootings. 

We have just issued a report card on President Obama and the field of the five leading candidates for the Presidency of the United States.  The report card assigns each candidate a grade based on their intellectual and critical thinking skills in curbing the rise of shooting at schools.

We were shocked at the grades.  On average our leaders received a D- for their ability to coherently lay out any meaningful strategy for stopping the murder of our children at school.  This type of intellectual laziness and lack of critical thinking represents a national crisis.

For the past decade we have been a voice in the wilderness calling for fewer words and more real action to prevent school shootings.  But the sad fact of the matter is that we have been ignored in favor of doing more of the same things that we already know do not work to curb the rising violence at our schools.

Watching a great nation fall to its knees when it comes to the protection of our country’s most precious treasure—our children—is simply put, no longer acceptable.

Ten years ago we began our research on a totally new way to approach school safety because we knew that more of the same was not the solution to curbing school violence.  The system we developed is based on the most advanced technology of its kind.  It uses “big data” and what is called “predictive analytics” to look across all aspects of school safety. 

The technology is a game changer because it focuses on prevention rather than reaction, by simultaneously looking at all of the factors that increase the risk of schoolhouse safety incidents, including mass shootings, to prevent them before they happen.  We have tested our system and proven that it works.

But what happens when you bring a new game-changing idea to the table?  Our government leaders prefer the status quo and are unwilling to change to save the lives of our children at school.  The government spends millions of dollars to do more of the same things over and over again, while our children continue to die at school for no good reason.

When we wrote to Vice President Joe Biden immediately after the Sandy Hook massacre asking to show him how we already have the ability to protect our kids at school, all we received was a nice form letter thanking us for writing.  Not one word about even looking at a new way to save the lives of our children at school. We have had grant after grant request denied because we are not a part of a vested government system that is more interested in preserving the status quo than saving the lives of our children at school. 

This bizarre situation of doing the same things over and over again, when we already know that they do not work, must stop.  Our children are too important.  We cannot continue to treat the safety of our kids like a can that we are kicking down the road just waiting for the next tragedy to occur.  

We ask for the help of every American, no matter what your political persuasion is, to call the White House, your representatives in congress, and talk with everyone you know about the need to apply new proven scientific solutions to curb the rise of violence at America’s schools.  Stop kicking the can further down the road.  Take a minute or two and pick up the telephone.  It just might save the life of your own child or grandchild.

About the Author

John Hnatio is a doctor of education who began a program of intense research on how to make schools safer in the aftermath of the school massacre in Columbine.  He is the inventor of what is called “predictive analytics” where various forms of information are brought together for scientific analysis in order to project the possibility of adverse events in time to prevent them before they happen.  The technology is currently deployed and being successfully used across many sectors of the nation’s critical infrastructures from healthcare, food safety, business and financial management, and many others.

How You can support the cause

If you would like to learn more and receive a live demonstration of School and CampusTQ (with TQ standing for threat quotient) then please call Mr. Bruce Becker, President of the National School Safety Collaboratory (NSSC) at (540) 645-1050 for a webinar presentation, or you can write him at bbecker@nationalschoolsafetycollaboratory.org.  If you would like to donate to the cause of school safety please visit our NSSC website.

ICM and the National School Safety Collaboratory (NSSC) is a non-profit charitable organization that provides their products and assistance to schools at little to no cost based on tax-deductible contributions from parents, citizens and businesses across the country.  

Maxine <![CDATA[Patients Honor Dr. Nader Moinfar for Vitals Compassionate Doctor Award]]> http://ifeelokay.com/?p=403 2015-09-22T12:48:43Z 2015-09-22T12:48:43Z Dr. Nader Moinfar of Lake Mary, FL is ranked among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews.

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