Finding Help at Rock Bottom

Finding Help at Rock BottomIt is not easy to deal with a friend or close family member who has an addiction problem. It can drain you physically, mentally and financially. There are instances where the addicted member goes into a relapse thus wasting all the time and resources spent on rehabilitation. Granted, going into rehab is not always cheap. Nonetheless, the benefits of living with a healthy person far outweigh any sacrifices made towards this effort. The best way to approach the matter is to find out what rehab facilities are available in your area. Obtain quotes for the treatment and do some comparisons. In case you find that you cannot bear the cost, here are some suggestions on scraping through:

Consider hosting a garage sale

There are those items in your possession that could fetch some money if you sell them. Identify what you can sell, usually, things that you no longer need. Look for books, old furniture, music collections, children clothes and anything else that comes to mind. Visit your neighbors’ houses and request for things they might be willing to donate for your cause. Do the same with your friends and other people who understand what it means to rehabilitate a person with a drug and alcohol problem. Collect these items and arrange for a garage sale. You may be surprised at the willingness of these people to assist.

Government grants

When you have tried everything within your power to raise funds to no avail, think about applying for a government grant. The good thing with a grant is that unlike a loan, you do not have to pay it back. On the other hand, the strict accountability rules put in place by the federal authorities will ensure that you spend each and every dollar on the rehab program. The government is always willing to invest in the wellbeing of communities. Drug addiction affects the community where the affected person lives. Apply for the facility.

Request for donations

Once you have an addict who is willing to undergo treatment, this is a good sign. Most of them live in self denial. Anyway, inform your friends and other family members about your decision to take the person into rehab. You could also request for cash donations from the addicted person’s friends too. Usually, these are the same people who have been giving them handouts to help support the addict’s children. By telling them that the person is now ready for rehab, they will not hesitate to chip in.

Rehab centers such as the New River Wellness Center usually have a range of financing options. Contact the center and find out how they can accommodate you in your present financial condition.