Fixing Dry Eyes

dry_eyesWe all know the experience of having dry eyes. Sometimes the feeling gets so uncomfortable, it almost feels like someone is scratching the surface of the eyelid. There are several things that can cause one’s eyes to become uncomfortably dry, and most of these things revolve around the inability for the eyes to produce tears.
Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the inability to weep and cry of sadness. The tears that we’re referring to are much more welcomed and actually feel pleasant. The tears that your eyes produce are made up of more than just water. Mucus and fatty oils combine with the water to produce a complex layered mixture. And like any other complex thing, complications can often arise.

The three layers of the tear are all important, and if one isn’t performing correctly, dry eyes will occur. Sometimes the glands in the eyes won’t produce enough oil, or the mucus in your eyes don’t produce at a level sufficient enough to cover the whole surface, leaving dry patches on the cornea. And if the water isn’t adequate, your eyes won’t be cleansed causing unwanted things like dust and dirt to be caught and unable to wash away. One doesn’t want the sting of dry eyes to make life something that becomes unenjoyable.

Sometimes a person cannot help decreased tear production in his or her eyes and it isn’t unnatural for these things to occur in different situations. Examples of not producing enough tears can come with something that we all experience, age. Getting older means several things, and the production of tears seems to be one of those things that slackens as one gets older. But age isn’t the only natural factor that helps to dwindle the manufacture of tears. Women often feel decreased amounts of tears in their eyes, especially for those women who have already experienced menopause. Other factors that lead to problems with inadequate tears include certain medical conditions like lack of Vitamin A in the body and diabetes.

Of course, there are many ways to remedy a case of dry eyes, and depending on the situation, certain methods are more effective than others. One sure fire way of eliminating such nastiness is dry eyes goggles. Yes, you read that correctly: dry eyes goggles. This protective eyewear will do wonders in remedying dry eyes. From keeping in moisture, to protecting against wind that blows around dust and allergens, one can’t go wrong with these goggles. We’ve stated the importance of the eyes producing plenty of tears, and dry eyes goggles will help to reduce their evaporation by blocking airflow to the eyes. Don’t let life be stained by dry eyes, making even the most mundane things difficult. Get this remedy for much needed relief.