Getting Sober

Getting SoberGetting sober is a decision that many people make after experiencing how much harm alcohol and drugs can do. The process of getting sober is not easy. It is also different for every person. Many people are still able to get sober and stay sober for decades with the right help. Getting sober involves taking a few steps.

Set Reasonable Short-Term Goals

The first step is to set reasonable short-term goals for getting sober. These need to be goals that can be achieved fast. This could mean not drinking for the next hour. It could also mean not drinking before going to sleep. These small short-term goals are the first steps towards becoming sober and living a sober lifestyle. It is important not to set unachievable goals. This could cause stress that leads to drinking, depression and discouragement.

Change Daily Patterns

The next step is to start changing daily patterns. Repeating the same patterns that were followed while drinking can create an overwhelming urge to relapse. Changing little things like the stores visited during the day, the place where most time is spent in a home and the routines that take place before going to bed can make a large difference. It is easier to avoid relapsing and drinking again if the routines followed each day never involved alcohol in the first place.

Occupy Time Doing Other Things

The reality is that many people start drinking or doing drugs because there is nothing else to do. Many addicts fill idle time with nothing but drinking. A good technique to get sober is to start doing other things during the day. This could mean reading, performing a new hobby or getting outside and exercising. These activities will take the mind off drinking and drugs. This can help even if the activity only occupies 10 or 20 minutes. Staying busy is an important step when trying to get sober.

Enter a Professional Treatment Program

Few people can get sober without professional help and guidance. The prevalence of alcohol makes avoiding drinking difficult. A professional treatment program can offer the knowledge and tools a person needs to get sober and to stay sober. These programs provide everything needed to become aware of personal behaviors. They also give addicts ways to avoid falling into old patterns or traps that will ultimately lead to a relapse. Anyone who is ready to take this important step and enter a professional program should click here to learn more about what is available.

Build a Support Network

Another crucial step is to start building a support network as soon as the decision to get sober is made. The network can be made of friends, counselors or family members who are supportive of sobriety. The network will make it easier to stay sober during the most difficult times after leaving a treatment center.