How to Treat Curly Hair

How to Treat Curly HairAs compared to straight hair, curly hair has the tendency of becoming dry and brittle. If you happen to have this type of hair, you need to moisturize it often. You require conditioner and shampoo as well as cream in order to protect cuticles. These products leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and bouncy. Washing your hair once every week will suffice as it will keep natural oils intact. You should also comb it regularly in order to stop your hair from tangling. Below are some golden tips on how to treat curly hair:

Treating curly hair with oil

By applying oil on your curly hair, the oil sits on the cuticles. This keeps your hair moist and shiny all day long. For dry scalp, use castor oil as it also promotes growth of hair. The oil is also ideal for African-American hair. Use castor oil together with conditioner and other oils. Another highly recommended option is coconut oil. It comes in handy especially when you have damaged hair. Where you have experienced hair loss, try Emu oil. Olive and jojoba oils are other suitable options. Heat any of these oils slightly in a microwave before you apply them on curly hair.

Use shampoo sparingly

A regular use of shampoo will strip your hair of moisture. This will eventually make it dry and easy to break. Stick to a pattern of washing your hair once a week. If you have to wash on a daily basis use a moisturizing conditioner instead of shampoo. You also need a leave-in conditioner for combating dryness. A weekly deep-conditioning treatment also helps.

Avoid breaking your hair

Never brush curly hair especially when it is dry. Instead, detangle the curls using wide- toothed combs. Do so when the hair is wet. The best way is to part hair into a number of sections. Comb from the hair shafts going upwards. Never pull your hair.

Scalp massage

By massaging your scalp on a daily basis, you increase blood circulation. This necessitates a steady flow of nutrients hence keeping your hair healthy. Make it a habit to massage your scalp for about five minutes every day.

The cuticles in curly hair are lifted in a manner that absorbs light and heat. This is what makes lose moisture and appear less shiny. The secret to good curly hair is to moisturize it as often as you can. This is what makes all types of hair look shiny and healthy. Consult your hair stylist for professional care and treatment. While still at it you can seek further advice on how to continue taking care of curly hair back at home. If you maintain it well, curly hair makes you look gorgeous.