Knowing When to File a Malpractice Suit

Knowing When to File a Malpractice SuitAfter a medical surgery or treatment things can be very confusing. Since most people have no prior experience they can draw from they are not sure how their recovery is supposed to go. For this reason it can be difficult to ascertain whether a recovery is normal or whether something has gone wrong. Even doctors do not always know since every person recovers differently and it is common for people to be told repeatedly to just give it some more time. However, if you are still in pain or feel that something is wrong it might be time to approach a lawyer about filing a malpractice suit.

Even though you might not have any previous experience with recovery for you or an affected family member, in most cases a person’s gut instinct is right. A doctor can tell you how you should feel, but they cannot outline for you what you do in reality feel. If they are confrontational this is even more of an indicator that something might be wrong since they are unwilling to listen to your complaints. Oftentimes when something has gone wrong a doctor will get defensive attempting to ignore complaints or symptoms that are associated with an unwanted outcome.

The idea is that if you do not believe that something is wrong, or believe that the complication is a standard part of recovery then you will not become alarmed. If you are kept in the dark about the complication then you will not file a suit against them. Most doctors and medical facilities are not going to come out and tell you that they have made a mistake, so in these instances you really need to go with your gut instinct. If you are still in pain long after the projected period you were told to expect this is a strong indication that something has gone wrong.

There is a statue of limitations to how long you have to bring a malpractice suit against a medical professional or institution. In most states it is only two years although malpractice attorney Steven W Harris could tell you for sure. For this reason at the first inkling that something is wrong you should contact an attorney for a consultation. They can look into your case further and tell you if there is something there or not. You can always choose not to file suit or to drop a suit if the situation changes, but if you wait too long there is no option to go back and file later. Follow your gut and schedule a consultation with a malpractice attorney now.