Movie Star Makeover Ideas

Movie Star Makeover IdeasWhether we want to admit it or not, most of us want to change our looks in some fashion. We see beautiful movie stars all the time on television and in the movies and we long to look more like them with their perfect skin and seemingly ageless beauty. I know I would love to lose a few pounds and be more in shape, not to mention have whiter teeth. But what can you do to look more like a movie star? Follow these makeover ideas to look like a movie star.

We all know that makeup has helped many women look prettier and have more confidence in themselves because they are pleased with their appearance. You always want to accentuate the positive features that you have. Not only will this help to make your best features pop out more, it will help to draw attention away from the less desirable features you possess. First let us talk about eyes! If you have great eyes, use colors and mascara to make them look big and pop out more. Something nice to do is to always curl your eyelashes. This will help to widen your eyes’ appearance. This will help those around you to focus on your eyes when they first see you. Perhaps consider speaking with a makeup artist to see what her opinions of your best features are, and what colors would go best with your features and skin tone. Also, never apply eye shadow directly from the container onto your eye lid. Shake the brush off first a bit, or apply it gently to your hand. This will warm up the shadow and allow it to blend better. When using mascara never pump the brush in the bottle, this will allow air to get into the mascara making it dry out quicker. Also, apply more mascara to your top lashes than to your bottom lashes.

Remember to replace your mascara at least every six months. Adding an extra coat to the outside corners will make your eyelashes look longer. Second let us talk about lips! You need to make sure the color you pick works well for your skin tone and personality. More often than not you will wear more neutral tones because they are more casual and appropriate for daily wear. If you are going out on the town, nothing works better than a bright red. During the summer focus more on quiet pinks and sheer tones. In the winter focus more on dark wines and plum colors. If you have a more olive skin tone lean more towards light brown and warm tones. If you have a more pale complexion lean more towards warm pink or peachy colors. If you have darker skin tones, lean more towards deep reds, blues or purples. So if you are looking to change your look to be more hip or up to date with the latest celebrities, try some of these makeup tips and look like a million bucks!

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