Natren Unveil Innovative Trenev Process for Superior Probiotic Protection

Natasha Trenev, founder and owner of probiotic manufacturers Natren, is so confident in the cutting edge technology developed by her team that she even lent it her name. The Trenev Process® is a unique proprietary technology that ensures unmatched survivability and stability of the live bacteria.

With so many inferior, lacklustre probiotic products on the market, it can be a real challenge to find a beneficial bacteria supplement that actually contains live organisms that are able to survive intact to reach the intestines. The Trenev Process® uses an oil-matrix system to micro-enrobe beneficial bacteria to keep them separated, non-competitive and virtually 100% protected from the stomach’s gastric juices.

Knowing that reports of poor quality probiotics and dead bacteria have led to a loss in consumer confidence in recent years, Natren are proud to guarantee the potency and number of CFU in all their probiotic supplements. The accuracy of the label declarations is verified by laboratory testing that is audited by a third party, enabling customers to make an informed choice to pick a high quality, guaranteed potency probiotic.

Natren have developed products focusing on three probiotic strains to form the company’s innovative three-step custom probiotic Healthy Start System. The complete system includes:

• Step One: Megadophilus ®
• Step Two: Bifido Factor®
• Step Three: Digesta-Lac®

Individually, these probiotic strains support different aspects of gastrointestinal health and overall health and wellbeing.

Natren’s Healthy Trinity® is their most popular and potent product, and includes all three strains, which work synergistically to enhance digestion, improve nutrient absorption, stimulate proper elimination and maximize immune function. The complete probiotic can also:

• Discourage undesirable bacteria from forming colonies in the GI tract.
• Produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), shown to inhibit yeast and bacteria.
• Relieve occasional gas, bloating and upper GI problems.
• Produce organic acids that promote normal elimination.
• Enhance digestion of dairy products by assisting lactose metabolism.
• Help maintain normal cholesterol levels.
• Assist digestion of complex carbohydrates and proteins.

Natren’s Healthy Trinity® provides 30 billion colony forming units (CFU) of effective beneficial bacteria per capsule, and features three probiotic strains:

• Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS 5 billion CFU per capsule
• Bifidobacterium bifidum, Malyoth 20 billion CFU per capsule
• Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 5 billion CFU per capsule

Natren’s probiotic products have been formulated based on years of research, enabling the company to select the most beneficial bacteria for specific regions and functions of the digestive tract. By developing the Trenev Process®, Natren offer consumers a high quality range of probiotics that actually get to where they are needed, making them more efficacious and cost-effective than run-of-the-mill bacteria supplements that contain few live or stable cultures.

Specifically, Natren keep their live bacteria in their original culturing medium, or supernatant, guaranteeing the best environment for the probiotics so that they can have a greater impact on health once ingested.

Lifestyle Vitamins® are proud to be an approved retailer of Natren® high strength probiotics, working with Natren to guarantee that orders arrive correctly chilled so as to ensure potency right up to the point of delivery.

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