Non Traditional Ways to Deal with Pain

painSomething that we are humans aren’t immune from during life is pain. This pain could be the result of an accident, health complications, or simply the fact that our bodies age over time and things become harder than they used to be. Typically we feel pain because there is an imbalance of sorts within our bodies. Naturally our bodies will try to fight off pain and infection, but sometimes we are too out of whack and need some additional assistance. So how do we deal with pain? Furthermore, what are some non traditional ways to deal with pain?

One option of a non traditional way to deal with pain is through relaxation. Now if you are feeling pain you might think it is impossible to relax because you are sore and tense. If you focus on guided imagery or relaxation techniques you will be surprised at how your muscles will slowly start to unwind and let go of some of their tenseness which will provide you a distraction and a relief of pain for a little while.

Another option of a non traditional way to deal with pain is through acupuncture. Although this isn’t endorsed by the FDA many people feel the need to try it and slowly but surely it is growing in popularity as a means for dealing with pain. For those of you unfamiliar with this treatment, it is when different parts of the skin are penetrated with needles in order to stimulate certain points within your body.

Third, specialized diets are sometimes followed as a non traditional way to deal with pain. Researchers have found that certain foods can trigger the release of neurotransmitters that heighten already over sensitive nerve cells. Therefore watching what you eat can perhaps make a difference in regards to your pain. Although there has been no research to show a complete and direct correlation with food and pain, these healthy eating habits aren’t ever going to be bad for you. One great habit to get into is to only eat fresh food. Avoid like crazy food that is loaded with preservatives and additives.

Fourth, another non traditional way to deal with pain is through exercise. For instance yoga in particular helps to ease pain and discomfort. Often individuals experience stress when they are in pain and yoga is a great practice of relaxing and calming your mind. Furthermore, the different yoga positions help to not only stretch out your muscles but also helps to improve your overall posture as well. Believe it or not, yoga actually can help you have a more restful sleep, and sleep deprivation can aid to pain.

Finally, another great non traditional way to deal with pain is by seeing a chiropractor. This is actually a very common practice these days. You don’t have to be in major pain or have suffered from a huge debilitating accident to benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care doesn’t just treat the symptoms you are facing, but rather focuses on the root of the problem which is your body being off balance in some way. By helping your body be restored to it’s full potential, you will find you can rid yourself of symptoms because you have fixed the root cause, not just masked it for the time being. So try some of these non traditional ways to deal with pain and see what they can do for you!