Preventing a Cold

Preventing a ColdAlthough La Costa Urgent Care and Family Practice is dedicated to offer their patients the best possible care, they also strive to educate their patients on prevention of illness such as the common cold. More often than not, a cold will be prevented with attention to a few details recommended by all medical professionals. With cold and flu season consuming a greater part of the year, the number one goal from all should be prevention for an overall healthier you.

The number one preventable measure in warding off that cold or flu is to wash hands often and properly. Colds are generally spread by contact. Most often, our first instinct is to cover our nose and mouth as we follow through with a hardy sneeze. If not washed, that same hand touches stair railings, computer keyboards, telephones, and more. The germs will linger on any object for several hours. Unfortunately, someone else follows by touching the very same thing as the cold carrier, and is therefore doomed for illness.

Sometimes it can’t be helped bit to stifle a sneeze with your hand. When feeling a sneeze coming about, do your best to grab a tissue. If that tissue greets your nose a little too late, by all means, wash your hands before germs are spread to other folks. Touching your face is an open invitation for microorganisms being ingested in your body through the eyes, nose, and especially the mouth.

Believe it or not, exercising will aid in preventing a cold. When aerobic type of exercise is part of the workout plan, the heart rate increases enough to pump an ample amount of blood. You will breathe at a quicker speed as oxygen is transferred from the lungs to the blood, resulting in a good sweat. Such type of cardio workouts gives the body a natural defense against colds and flu.

A healthy diet of colorful fruits and vegetables will do it part in preventing a cold. The natural phytochemicals in yellow, red, and green fruit and vegetable choices will provide the body’s natural immunities with an extra boost. Smokers beware as your unhealthy habit is a sure immunity system crusher. The same goes for alcohol consumption as this type of beverage not only brings down the body’s natural immunities, but also causes dehydration to lessen the body’s defenses.

Finally, taking time for relaxation will increase the chance of cold prevention. A few moments of rest from the usual daily chaos gives the body a calming affect which enhances the immune system. Getting to bed earlier, especially during the cold and flu season, also provides the ammunition the body needs for preventing a cold.