Properly Cleansing Curly Hair

Properly Cleansing Curly HairAs anyone who has lived with curly hair knows shampooing can be your hairs worst enemy. For those who live with curly locks it is always a trial to find a curly hair cleanser that that does not cause your hair to frizz for the next three days. The reason that curly hair becomes so unmanageable after washing is because the natural oils provided by the scalp are a curly haired person’s best friend. To keep your curly hair tame and looking its best follow the 4 basic rules of curl cleansing.

Wash Less Not More
Shampooing strips the natural oils away from the cuticles of your hair and scalp. Since curly hair in naturally drier than straight hair losing those essential oils can makes your hair drier which in turn creates more damage when styling. If your hair has a natural curl shampooing every three days is more than enough.

Use Cleansers Especially Designed for Your Hair
If you have ever walked down any hair care aisle in the store you see hundreds of different types of shampoos and conditioners. Product for every hair problem under the sun. When you have naturally curly it is important to seek out products that especially formulated for curly hair. These special product contain more oil and water, exactly what your hair needs, and less drying and damaging sulfate detergents and alcohol than most regular shampoos.

You Can Never Have Enough Hydration
Because curly hair is so dry hydration through conditioning is an even more important step in hair care for those with curls. It may surprise some to learn that you do not have to shampoo was your hair in order to use conditioner. When you have curly hair even if you are not one of your washing days you can give condition your hair. An alternative is to use a co-wash, which is a specially formulated conditioner that will cleanse your hair at the same time. When looking for this product in the store be sure you see the words co-wash because it is different than a normal 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner formula. Also for curly hair a good leave-in conditioner is always beneficial.
Routine Oil or Deep Conditioning Treatment
Even when you use all of the proper cleansers and conditioners curly hair still becomes dry. Curls need routine deep hydration treatments. The most effective way to deep condition your hair is to use hot oil treatments or a 30 minute deep conditioning treatment. The frequency with which you need to perform this deep hydration varies based on your hair, the type of water in your area, and the other product you use. Set your schedule of treatments based on your personal preference and the feel of your hair.