What Causes Dry Eyes?

Proper Flossing TechniquesYou don’t know how aggravating it can be until you have experienced it firsthand. Dry eyes can be one of the most uncomfortable things you’ve ever experienced. It starts with an uncomfortable tingle and quickly moves to a burning sensation in the eye. You blink, and blink, and blink and nothing works. There are many home remedies for dry eyes. Many of them work, some do not and some are dangerous. It’s best to ask your health care provider what you can do to naturally preserve the moisture in your eyes.

However, the best way to treat dry eyes is to prevent them in the first place. And prevention is best achieved when you know what causes your dry eyes.

One of the most common causes of dry eyes is your environment. This can be remedied in many ways. The winter air often dries out the air and running a furnace doesn’t help. Your skin and eyes can become very dry. One of the most effective ways of dealing with this type of problem is to purchase a good quality humidifier and keep it running particularly on cold days when your furnace is running a lot. Not only will this help your eyes, it will also help keep your home comfortable for your family, especially young children.

Your environment is somewhat controllable, but aging…aging happens to all of us and that is completely out of our control. As we get older, it’s not surprise that we dry out. There are few things that can be done about this one is medication which can have side effects, the other is hydration. Hydration is not a perfect fix, but it does help as does leading a healthy lifestyle, exercise and a well-rounded diet.

Another cause of dry eye is simply the medication you are taking. If you are on any medication and experiencing the problems of dry eyes, ask your health care provider whether the cause might be your medications. If there is a problem, there are additional medications you could take to treat your dry eyes. Alternatively, you might be able to switch the medication you are taking to a medication which won’t cause dry eyes.

There are some medical conditions which can cause you to have dry eyes as well. Diabetes and thyroid problems are among the most prevalent. If you cannot remedy the dry eyes with the solutions above, it might be time to have these things checked out by your doctor. He will be able to diagnose your dry eyes as well as the cause and together you can make a plan to fix the problem.

There is no need to live with dry eyes. There are many home remedies for dry eyes. Some of those listed above may just work for you.